I am ChewingLard…

ChewingLard is all about making weird shit out of old food, toys, porn and photos. Not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

The idea is to bring you a collection of unusual gifts, treasures, treats and maybe the occasional trinket from me, Kerry McCarthy under the alter ego of ChewingLard – breaking out the dark side of my creative endeavours . If the truth be told, not many people want to buy my weird shit, but those that do are very special indeed! And believe it or not – there is some heart behind the art… more about that below.

I also do other stuff that doesn’t involve things that offend people – such as writing for websites, installation art using wool and plaster – I really enjoyed making this piece called Welcome. I also like sculpting with lard. I once made lard and stocking vaginas – should really bring that one back. Anyway… check one of my other great sites.. McCarthy Arts and Media – woo!

The Heart Behind The Art

After finishing a degree in fine art, I no longer wanted to make art for arts sake or fill this world up with more ‘stuff’ on top of ‘stuff’ that is already there (I also studied environmental analysis and protection). Unfortunately, I really can’t help but make stuff – so I decided that if I do – it has to be for a purpose, to give something back and to do something good.

Luckily lots of what I do is based on fannies (my medium level offensive stuff is soon to be showcased on Fine Art Fannies) so I decided that I want to raise awareness – and dollar for cervical cancer charities. I will have to keep you posted on this one as I am polishing up what  have to offer before approaching them. Fingers crossed – and put in a good word for me if you can.

In fact – the more support I have, the more likely they are to say Yay!




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